Plexus 5.0

A transformative, data driven approach to manage your wastewater networks.

ACE award

Plexus 5.0 is an ACE reward recipient. The award celebrates the excellent work consultants do to create vibrant and sustainable outcomes for communities in Aotearoa.

our proposition

There is an increasing toll on Aotearoa New Zealand’s vulnerable three waters infrastructure

Plexus 5.0 provides unprecedented visibility into the performance of your network. By connecting existing live SCADA data, IoT devices, and historical data from multiple feeds and sources already in your network, Plexus 5.0 data aggregation and modelling gives you the ability to prepare and plan for future improvements, saving you time, resource and reducing risk.


Powerful dashboard to capture all your live data


Powerful dashboards to capture all your live data

Visualise your assets

Visualising all pump station catchments in a network, including flows, data quality & locations.

Understand your network performance

Detailed flow breakdown including rainfall, tides, and groundwater to visualise network performance.

Real time visibility

Real time and historic data, provides an overlay of SCADA data, IoT devices, monitors, and rain gauges. All performance data is now centralised here and accessible.

Insights into your network

The factors influencing flow at key points in the network.

Critical asset management

Visualisations of pump stations and sub catchments, highlighting critical assets.


Working alongside the Tonkin + Taylor team, we will ensure you will get powerful results from our suite of tools, and ensure you get the support you need ongoing

Plexus 5.0 allows you to:

View historical and real time asset performance data in one place

Monitor live feeds against key performance indicators

Understand the state of your network

Quickly identify problem areas

Track sources of Inflow and Infiltration

Establish early warning of blockages and DWF overflows

Prioritise work and quantify improvements achieved

Provides insight to improve network performance and reduce risk

Understand network capacity and resilience against storm surges and rainfall events

Drive long term planning

pLEXUS 5.0

Bringing your data to life

Our data driven approach will transform how you view and manage your wastewater networks.

Build on existing monitoring

Gain insight into performance and plan

features & services

Manage your wastewater networks

View your local storm surges, sea levels, heavy rain events, drought, aging facilities, in real time

Clean data

We help assess your data sources, identify anomalies, and surface this data so it is providing the value you intended it to provide. Plexus 5.0 can clean and process data in near real-time, trapping/flagging errors and calculating running totals/averages or other statistical summaries.

Real time data

Static and live feeds from SCADA, IoT devices, flow monitors, tide, rain gauges all feed into Plexus 5.0, to give you this centralised data stream, including real-time dashboards with telemetry trends/status per sensor, and summaries of sensor health.


When we have enough of the right data feeding into Plexus 5.0, we will give you insight into how your network behaves. This performance data will allow you to accurately prioritise operational, renewal and capital works.


Plexus 5.0’s dynamic and analytical functions can quickly process large amounts of data, providing invaluable insights into network performance.

Aggregate data

Plexus 5.0 will aggregate your data across multiple sources into a centralised feed. It will align, merge and interpolate time series data with variable time steps.


Plexus 5.0 will bring your data to you, in a format that makes sense. Whether you have existing tools you use to show your data, or you need a way to do this, we will give you unprecedented visibility into your network.

Prediction Engine

Over time with training, Plexus 5.0 will learn how this the system performs, predict likely scenarios, issues and give foresight into future event ramifications to your network and its assets and impact on the ecosystem.

Customised Reports

There will be times when you require specific reports. Be it for internal reporting lines, to measure against KPI’s, or in line with sector regulations, we can work to establish your own bespoke output.

Consulting & Support

This is not a suite of tools that we are offer in isolation. Your requirements are distinct. As such, we provide consultation and services from Tonkin + Taylor’s scientists, planners, and engineers, providing our expert services to support Plexus 5.0 as you need.

our approach

Our team will work with you to understand the best fit in providing the Plexus 5.0 tools. We often recommend a good place to start, is to surface some key data, and we can quickly begin to give you visibility into your networks.

Plexus 5.0 can connect with a wide range of existing frameworks, platforms, data sources, devices and infrastructure. One of the key benefits for Plexus 5.0 is its ability to integrate with your existing workflows, software and digital tools.

This is not a one size fits all approach. While our tools will solve common challenges, each of our customers will receive Tonkin + Taylor’s trusted service and attention. We will work with you, tailoring your needs to ensure Plexus 5.0 will meet your requirements.

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our TEAM

The people behind Plexus 5.0

David Wyllie
Technical Director | Digital Innovation
Ken MacDonald
Sector Director | Water
Mel Large
Water Resources Engineer

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If you think Plexus may be of value to you, or you’ve got some questions, feel free to drop us a line below. We’d be very happy to get on a call anytime to understand more about your requirements.

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